How to take care of our products?

Our products are made of genuine vegetable tanned leather of the highest quality. It is essential to treat them with proper care and carefulness. Complying with the rules below ensures that our products will serve you for many years.

  • We recommend to preserve and clean surfaces of our articles with special preparation for leather, at least once a season.
  • Leather is a delicate material, so please avoid carrying objects which may cause damage to our bags (i.e. items which are heavy, misshapen, etc.).
  • If the product gets damped or wet, please do not place it near a strong source of heat such as a radiator or a heater. The best solution in such a case is to stuff the bag with paper, preferably newspaper, and let it dry in the place at room temperature (exactly the same procedure as in the case of preservation of leather shoes).
  • Please do not crease damp products made of vegetable leather. Because of natural malleable properties of such type of leather, they are prone to creasing when moistened with water. In case of not complying with the rule above, you may find that you have unwittingly given your product a new shape. J
  • It is crucial to avoid contact with water, solvents and corrosive substances. What is also important is the fact that metal elements cannot be bruised or rubbed against hard or rough surfaces.
  • Fraying of the leather and golden fittings is a natural feature of the raw material and gives the product unique character depending on its use.