ALANA Leather Studio was born in a small leather workshop in Suwalszczyzna in 2012. This is where our DNA has evolved in the spirit of balanced development, in line with the nature which is surrounding us and with the view of creating lasting products. We are inspired by people, nature and perennial simplicity.


We make our products solely of vegetable tanned leather, the production of which takes at least three weeks. This kind of leather is unique as it is eco-friendly and is free from synthetic tanning agents. It is exceptionally durable which makes our products long-lasting and timeless. With the finest leather comes cotton lining. We do our best to avoid excessive metal hardware, which you can see in our latest collection.

We care about ethics and efficiency, so we use every tiny piece of leather in our production to reduce waste. We do not possess huge stock because basically every product is custom made and it can be personalized which makes it unique.

Our packaging is organic. The boxes are cardboard whereas poly mailers are made from biodegradable starch-based material. We respect the nature which accompanies us in life and at work every day.


Alicja is the founder of the leather studio and she is the engine which drives all the projects. Alicja creates the concept of all the handbags on her own. When the idea of the new project is born, the path to sewing is not long. Alicja tests all the handbags by wearing their prototypes in a daily routine.

mini anna

Anna, as she describes herself, is a hardworking lady who is not afraid of any type of work. So it is the fact. She is a professional seamstress. Her duty at the studio is sewing, working out the most complex structures of leather goods and dealing with technical issues of the production process.

mini lucija2

Łucja is the person who can see beauty and potential in anything. She is responsible for visual matters at the studio and management of the social media channels. She takes pictures and as well happens to be on the other side of the camera. So, sometimes she is the model in the photos presenting handbags and leather goods.